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We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Hiring Strategies

Have you looked at your future organizational chart lately? What are your hiring plans for the upcoming year? In this competitive labor market, you need a plan that is well thought out from the beginning.


We have a unique hiring strategy which includes helping you to craft the ultimate position duties listing which lists your standards and accountabilty for each duty. We assist with compensation recommendations and will help you to determine the appropriate salary range. We prepare all advertising and a list of job boards to place them. These ads  will simply ASK for what you truly want in your next talented person. We work hard to read through all of the candidate submissions and conduct phone and face to face interviews. We will add in any job related testing so that we can "inspect" what we expect from your applicant. After we conduct soft background research (to look for "bad habits"), we will then present our top candidates to you for an interview, complete with additional intervew questions that will get to the skills you need them to have. We do this for a very reasonable fee PLUS, we are one of very few companies that will stand behind our hire.


Our guarantee, If the candidate leaves the company in the first six months for a non-company specific reason, we will rehire for the position for a very reduced fee. 

Software Selection 

We are very familiar with the software conversion process and understand how hard it is for small businesses to have the time to assess and commit to transistion to a new system. We are here to help you assess your existing software, demo alternatives and help with implementation once you choose the one that is rigth for your company.  Is your software providing you with the kind of reports and functionality to help drive your business to the next level? Please ask us about our Rent Manager® implementation assistance. 

Financial Plan

How do your financial reports look? Come on, be honest. Are you able to make key decisions based on the information you are getting? If not, why not? Let's get to the bottom of it! It is liberating to trust your financials and to be able to create models that help with things like asset purchases, hiring plans and the like. I have a team of professionals that can make recommendations to get you on track to some kick but financial reports and a DASHBOARD that will show you what you need to look at each month to get on track to do what you need to do with your business. 


Digitization - The paperless Plan

Does your company still have file cabinets? You know you need to go "paperless" but your are scared and unsure as to how to go about this? We can help! We have taken other companies paperless in just a few short months. No one ever died and wish they had moe file cabinets. It is a matter of knowing how you use the information and a plan of attack. P.S. we have access to lots of high school and college kids that need something to do, scanning, naming and filing is their passion! Let's make this year the year you just DO IT!!


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Hiring Strategies Completed: 

January 2018 - present

Ongoing business plan development for Coworking company. 


January 2019 - Business Development Specialist for Property Management Company


December 2018 - Assistant Controller for Construction Comopany


December 2018 - Front Desk Associate for Property Management Company


Lease Assessment for a local Retail Services Shop - helped to decide to remain for 3 more years and to remodel. We are in the process of fixing their financials to really know what is possible for the next lease term. 


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