I want to SEE you first, then help you second. 



Debrah Dyck formed her company Real Synergy Consultants, Inc. in 2005 after experiencing first hand many of the operation issues facing real estate and property management  companies in the difficult economy. Her company focuses on companies with effective operations strategy improvement "one project at a time".


Debrah and her husband Trevor began investing in Real Estate in 1994 in Charleston, SC. Her husband who at the time was a pilot with the airlines, caused the family to move around to different parts of the country and to Canada. Even with the frequent moves, one constant for them both was real estate investing.


When they  moved to Texas in 2000, they both became licensed agents and began growing their portfolio in the DFW area. Debrah then turned to  real estate management as a Team Leader for Keller Williams in Arlington, TX.  It became very apparent that if you own real estate, you must either hire a management company or manage yourself. In 2005 Debrah began Real Synergy Consultants, Inc. and has worked consulting real estate and property management companies to improve operations through various practices. Her passion is systemization and she believes that companies can be set free IF they take the time to put good solid processes in place. 


 It just so happens she is a huge proponent of advising the companies she consults to implement Rent Manager software. Debrah's group has a passion for  showing companies how to take underutilized features of Rent Manager and implement and tweak them for maximum output which result in measurable cost savings and/or increases in revenue.  Don't miss Debrah's example of how to take your property management company's tenant application process 100% paperless using Rent Manager tools and a few good business practices.